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Modular Healtcare Center

Indonesia faces the challenges as confirmed cases of Covid-19 toll-rises alongside with the need of healthcare center. Conventional construction method is not favorable: costly and takes much longer construction work process, whilst Modular can be assembled in a brief to keep up with the demand and avoid the delay due to the unpredicted site disruptions.

The rapid spread of confirmed cases across archipelago, the lack of paramedics and PPE might lead to critical disruption on health sector, henceforth the requisite measures need to be taken to anticipate further calamity due to the outbreak. To accommodate the high global demand of emergency healthcare units, Modular exerts its expertise to a promising approach to build emergency hospitals in timely manner. WIKA modular is set to offers a vast range of medical facilities: hospital, clinic, EMergency unit, Dental clinic, operating theater, veterinary facility, dialysis facility, pharmacy, etc

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