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Emergency Covid-19 Hospital

Modular Wika Gedung is a well-experienced manufacturer in building medical facilities such as: isolation rooms, observation rooms and other medical facilities. This is proven by recent work of Covid-19 Hospital, which has been recently erected on Galang Island. The facility is comprised of three zones: the medical building, the isolation building equipped with the Helipad, and one extra building for other purposes.

In addition to the previously mentioned, Modular WEGE has succeeded in constructing supporting facilities such as: houses for paramedics, kitchen, warehouse, laundry room and others.Modular building excels a quick and low-cost alternative to traditional construction methods. It can be self-contained, stand-alone buildings or extensions to existing properties.

Our building system is designed to allow cost-effective transportation and on-site assembly. Assembled modular buildings can then be joined together, connected to local utilities and are ready to use. The system can be coordinated for the use of both individual buildings and on small or large complex construction facility

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