Our Legacy Is Your Future

Being consistent and innovative in construction and consession development since 2008, PT Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung Tbk (WEGE) introduces latest innovation as a sign of commitment to create better living solution. Wika Modular unfolds significant investment value for every housing and commercial needs, offers more precise, dynamic, authentic, excellent, simple, and environmental-friendly modular product solution.

The Global Living Solution for Better Future

Our vision is to provide solutions that are suitable for various locations and condition throughout the world and continuously develop products and capable to adapt its future needs

Creating Adaptive Design & Flexible Product

Each of our products is manufactured to ensure the course of our vision to be on the right direction.

Excellent Value & Environmental Friendly

The best investment value can be achieved without any harmful approach towards the environment.

Giving Better Living Experience

We highly value customer’s best experience by giving our most dedicated and committed team to work the wonders.

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